Antiquarex born in the late eighties through the initiative of craftsmen stonemasons, is a landmark in the field of marble. The company operates in the continuous search for products in marble with a classic or contemporary, embellished with varied finishes and innovative.

From its origins in the field of tumbled marble, has evolved over the years in proactively creating solutions in marble in step with the times. The proposed Antiquarex include a complete range for the realization of projects coordinated in marble, stone and travertine, characterized by a soul craft. Floor coatings, compositions, mosaics on the network, wash basins, shower trays, ladders, top, tailored pieces: a set of elements for the creation of a project coordinated in all its components.

The experience and excellent knowledge of the natural stone processing have allowed her to create masterpieces in Carrara marble, travertine, harrier, botticino, trani and many other precious stones. The creative spirit and high artistic value are recognized in every product ranging from mosaics to rosettes, through the floors for interior and exterior finishes and with different compositions, tailor-made to the specific projects.

The various collections allow you to customize solutions for a taste or modern, rustic or elegant. The entire range of products is carefully prepared to meet the diverse needs of interior or exterior design.

Architects and designers can be found in Antiquarex a valuable source of inspiration for the creation of custom designs and tailor-made. The elements that make up the collection of Antiquarex allow it to adapt easily to all situations because it’s based on is the modularity of the elements, the freedom to customize and choose from a variety of surfaces and finishes, as well as the versatility guaranteed by machining and solutions designed and built on site by expert hands.

Antiquarex offers aesthetic results always fascinating, fulfilling the true lover who always seeks the best.